Love To Dream Swaddleup Transitional Sleep Bag Mint Original


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Simply the smarter way to swaddle.
There is a transition period for babies when moving from being snugly wrapped or swaddled, to a sleeping bag or under blankets. This period can be quite unsettling for baby’s & parents’ precious sleep routine.

The Love To Swaddle UP™ ’50/50′ is the no cry solution, which helps your baby adjust to full blown sleep freedom – slowly. No matter how you have been swaddling your baby either with arms UP, down or across their chest, the 50/50 can help your baby transition out of swaddling & into a sleeping bag.


SwaddleUp transiton
  • 1.0 TOG for moderate climates
  • An easier solution to transition your baby from being wrapped or swaddled and into a sleep bag
  • Train your baby to sleep in a sleep bag in a matter of days!
  • Can be used just like the Love To Dream Swaddle UP ORIGINAL until baby is ready to transition
  • Single layer of trans-seasonal cotton elastane fabric helps reduce the risk of over-heating compared to multi-layered swaddles
  • Smart zip-up design reduces the risk of swaddle unravelling whilst baby is sleeping
  • Seam-free on the inside means increased comfort for your baby
  • Nappy changes and transporation from cot to stroller made easy with our twin zipper design

Size: (according to your babies weight)
Medium 6 – 8.5 Kg
Large 8.5 – 11 Kg
XL 11-14 kg


Why use the Love to Dream Swaddle UP transition?
Usually, parents transition their babies out of swaddling by using a conventional wrap, they leave one arm out and then later leave the second arm out. There are potential dangers with using conventional wraps for transitioning as the blankets/bedding can unravel. Unravelling or loosening can pose a tangling, suffocation or choking hazard to the baby. Providing the parent is using the right size for their baby, the Love to Dream Swaddle UP transition has an ergonomically designed snug fit for baby, and therefore reduces these risks.

Package Includes:

1 x Swaddleup Transitional Sleep Bag Mint Original




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