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LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier, SeatMe, Frosted Rose

The LILLEbaby SeatMe hip seat carrier is a multi-functional baby carrier with an integral firm and padded shelf seat for the child to sit on. The shelf-seat supports baby’s hips and makes it easy to position baby’s hips in a correctly supported position. The unique seat design allows adjustment to the depth of the seat to ensure babies of various sizes are positioned close to the parent for safety, comfort and reduced leveraged weight.


By simply removing the torso, you may use the platform seat and belt separately to assist in holding your baby. This ideal for comfortably rocking your baby to sleep, holding her when she is upset or when an active baby wants to be held for shorter periods of time. Instead of twisting the spine like you normally would when holding baby on hip, the parent’s back stays straight and the belt distributes baby’s weight around your waist.
This multifunctional carrier can also convert to a soft structure carrier. The ridged shelf seat insert can be removed and easily converts the carrier to a regular soft structure carrier.



1. Multiple carrying positions – The Seat Me grows with your child through all the baby wearing years, from 5.5 Kg to 20 Kg. The comfortable and ergonomic for baby large, cushioned 3D Platform seat, is removable and can be carried – front-inward and front-outward (with or with-out panel), and hip and back (with panel).

2. Lumbar support – Increases comfort, maintains healthy posture and alignment, and prevents lower back strain. Combined with an extra sturdy waist belt to maximize parent’s comfort.

3. Two-way strap – Enable wearer to carry “backpack style” or with straps crossed in the back. Dual adjustment buckles simplify breastfeeding and adjusting straps on the go.

4. Sleeping Hood
 – Features dual adjustment points to provide tailored support for baby’s head while sleeping, sun protection while exploring, and privacy while nursing. Removable.

5. Extra tall, extendable torso
 – So comfortable your baby will fall asleep. Provides extra neck and back support and keeps taller babies secure in the carrier. The adjustable width gently cradles baby’s head. Elastic straps provide support while allowing for movement and easy adjustment.

6. Pockets – Large zippered storage pocket, plus easy-reach pocket for storing hood and essentials.

7. Wide, padded shoulder straps & waist belt – Evenly distribute baby’s weight for maximized comfort.


Package Includes :

1 x Seat Me Frosted Rose




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