A smarter way to travel! The Purflo Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket fits all brands and models of car seats, pushchairs and strollers with 3- and 5-point harness making it universal and versatile without affecting the safety and performance of the harness.


Babies are not recommended to be dressed in bulky winter clothing such as sleeping bags, winter coats and snow suits when travelling in car seats and pushchairs as the padding can make safety harnesses less effective. The Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket provides a safe alternative by wrapping over the harness therefore eliminating the dangers associated with bulky, padded clothing.


Safe temperature – The Purflo Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket features our unique 3D mesh panel ergonomically located behind the head and on the back area to allow air to circulate. Breathability is a core value of ours and we are dedicated to keeping babies at a safe temperature at home and on the go. The Cosy Wrap also features a beautifully soft hood designed to keep baby extra snuggly when outside in the cold.


Luxuriously lined – Super soft 100% cotton inner is kind to baby’s delicate skin. The fluffy outer fleece layer will keep baby at a cosy and safe temperature making journeys with a tot much smoother.


Keep cosy up to 9 months old – Our Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket has been designed for use in a car seat and pushchair from birth to nine months old. Growing with your baby, the Cosy Wrap features an easy to use four stage press stud fastening system – suitable for tiny baby until 9 months old.


Safety Information:
  • This product can be used safely in both buggies and carseats.  As with all Purflo products the cosy wrap went through a thorough risk assessment, as Purflo take product safety incredibly seriously. The whole purpose of the product is to offer a safe alternative to the unsafe practice of parents using bulking winter clothing in carseats.
  • The product has been very designed to be used without affecting the size/fit or adjustment of a car seat. It does not rely on the harness been adjusted in anyway and works completely independent of the harness.
  • The material is thin enough that its use does not add any bulk to the child once situated in the seat. We do however advise that once  the child is in  car seat, the child’s harness should anyway regularly be checked in line with manufacturer instructions as it can loosen with everyday use (regardless of our wrap in it or not).
  • Your Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket comes with very clear guidelines to advise how to fit and use the product safely – both writtten and illustrated instructions, a remindner to only use the hood outdoors and that you need to monitor your baby do they are not too warm.



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