NUK has developed the right nursing pads for every parent, every need and every situation. The NUK Ultra Dry Comfort+ Nursing Pads have been specially developed to meet the highest demands.

Due to a multi-layered inner layer with liquid penetration, the nursing pads are extremely absorbent. The nursing pads are particularly skin-friendly, because their breathable outer layer ensures air circulation. This reduces skin irritation. Its larger diameter and contoured pad shape adapts perfectly to the breast and is barely visible under clothing. Due to the super-soft inner fleece, the nursing pads do not stick to the breast and are especially gentle on the skin.

The two non-slip tapes keep pads in place for a secure fit and to prevent bunching or wrinkling.

The NUK Ultra Dry Comfort+ Nursing Pads are particularly hygienic because they are individually packed. This is especially handy for traveling. The nursing pads are packed in hygienic individual packs within the 24 or 60 peice cartons.

The NUK Ultra Dry Comfort Plus Nursing Pads – for maximum safety and comfort.


  • Extremely absorbent: with moisture retention
  • Kind to the skin and soft
  • Perfect fit
  • Secure – with NUK Fixing Strips
  • Particularly hygienic: individually packed
  • 24 or 60 per pack




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