NUK Breast Milk Bags 25 Pack


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Breast milk is the best for the healthy development of your baby. Mothers who cannot or do not want to breastfeed can express their precious milk and bottle feed it. But how can you store expressed milk? You only have so much room in your fridge or freezer! There is now an uncomplicated solution to this problem: NUK Breast Milk Bags.

NUK Breast Milk Bags are sterilised and ready for immediate use.

The bags can be piled on top of one another and are suitable for being stored in the fridge or freezer.

Can be used immediately, if you are ever in a hurry! You do not need to clean them before or after use.

The double fastening keeps the valuable milk safely in the bag, which is made from BPA-free synthetic material.

In full view
Thanks to the date space and measuring scale you can always see when the milk was expressed and how much milk is in the bag. Each bag holds 180ml.

Practical pouring spout
No more spills when filling the milk into the bottles.

NUK Breast Milk Bags: the uncomplicated, hygienic and space-saving way to store breast milk.


  • Stable and space-saving bags for storing breast milk in the refrigerator or freezer
  • Easy-to-fill and ready-to-use – hygienically manufactured for immediate use
  • Leakproof thanks to double safety fastening
  • Stable and freezer-safe material
  • 25 x 180ml bags, BPA-free



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