Miracle Blanket – Swaddle for Newborn to 3 Months



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The amazing Miracle Blanket is our most recommended swaddle. All our staff used it with their babies, it is loved by our Sleep Coaches and highly recommended by our customers. It’s such a highly effective and secure swaddle, The Miracle Blanket comes with a 100% money back guarantee*.

With the Miracle Blanket it’s easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark. As the Miracle Blanket doesn’t have zips or velcro or snaps, it will fit your baby comfortably every time, even as they grow. Your baby will sleep better, settle more easily and sleep for longer stretches. We also highly recommend the Miracle Blanket as a great solution for overtired catnapping babies too, as it can be a very useful tool for resettling during naps.

The Miracle Blanket is also great value, as it can be used in a number of ways as your baby develops.  It is a great solution for weaning off swaddling gradually, as you can wrap with arms in or out. You can also adapt the way the wrap is used by combining it with a sleeping bag or to reduce the layers wrapped when the weather is warmer.

This is our most secure wrap so it is still the best option for Houdini babies who need very secure wrapping.  Help your baby sleep better, longer and be less fussy as you both finally get the sleep you so desperately need.The fabric is a super soft cotton knit, like 2-3 layers of T-shirt weight cotton, so a warmer option than many fitted swaddles. It’s best to get two so when one is in the wash you have a second one handy!This is also one of our most popular baby shower gifts. The new parents will really appreciate a swaddle which is both highly effective and easy to use.

Please note – If you have previously owned a Pink Miracle Blanket, the shade of Pink has now been updated to a brighter Pink.


Miracle Blanket have seen over a 99.5% satisfaction rating among customers. Very few returns are received and therefore, Miracle Blanket can afford to offer the most aggressive and simple guarantee you’ve ever seen.

If you are not happy with your purchase of a Miracle Blanket® for any reason we will refund 100% of your purchase within 30 days of your purchase. If you are unhappy with the blanket after you have tried it, that is ok! All we ask is that you wash the blanket before sending it back.

  • Manufacturer faults- If your blanket has any type of manufacturer defect, we will replace the blanket at any time, forever
  • Just does not work for my baby – Please give us a call for tips and tricks, if still unsuccessful please send back to us for a refund or store credit
  • Return exception – The only reason we would reject a return for refund. If you use the Miracle Blanket®, and like it, but your baby grows out of it after successful use (yes, we actually get those kinds of requests) we will not refund your money or send a replacement. WARNING: All babies eventually outgrow the Miracle Blanket® and like any textile that gets heavily used for four months, it will eventually wear out.


Miracle Blanket

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