Cuski Comforter with Pouch – Sienna


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She is made from a soft brushed cotton, and looking for lots of snuggles and sniffs! Sienna is a very special little Cuski!
  • Supplied in a matching pouch
  • Machine washable at 40
  • Use non biological washing powder
  • Softners can be used
  • Reshape after wash
  • Size : 47cm x 16 cm approx
  • Made in Turkey, Okeo-tex certified

Additional information: Although the name Sienna is usually associated with the reddish-orange colour, it is actually an Italian name originating from the Tuscany town that shares the name. Siena, Italy is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Italy and it attracts a lot of tourism and visitors each year. This name was not commonly given as a baby name until the 1900s in Italy and around the world. The name Sienna can either mean “a reddish-orange color” or an alternate meaning is “delicate”.

The traditional spelling of the female name Sienna is with two n’s, although the town it was named after only had one n. Some names which are similar to Sienna are Sierra (or Cierra), Savannah, Serena, or Selena. Common misspellings of the name Sienna are Siena, Cienna, or Ciena.

Safety Awareness : Please note all babies need monitoring, and especially with items of clothing, muslin squares, toys, comforters, cuddlies & bed linen. Some parents prefer to tie knots in the legs and arms of Cuskis or attach to stroller or cot with babies who are ultra active while sleeping. It is recommended that all tags and labels should be removed from children’s comforters, blankets, toys and accessories where possible.

Safe sleep guidelines recommend that no items should be left in the cot over night until around 6 months+ when baby has good hand/eye/mouth co-ordination. 

Please note, Cuski is a comforter, NOT a teether. If your child decides to chew or suck on the fabric, it will damage/wear. We cannot be held responsible for damage that has occurred to Cuski through chewing or sucking the fabric. Constant chewing and sucking to any fabric/ garment/ soft toy will go into holes/ damage/ fray.


  • 100% cotton, with cotton filling in the head
  • The fabric is certified with the Okeo Tex standard showing the fabric has no harmful substances in it
  • Machine washable
  • Warm tumble dry
  • NOTE: Cuski is a comforter, designed for snuggling and cuddling. It is not a teether! If your baby bites or chews their Cuski, like any fabric it will develop holes over time. Also if your baby sucks on their Cuski, the saliva acid can lead to browning of the fabric over a period of time




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