Chicco – NaturalFeeling Silicone Teat (2pk)



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Adjustable Flow (4m )
The Natural Feeling 4m adjustable flow teat facilitates the alternation between breast and bottle, thanks to the soft silicone that simulates the mother’s breast.

The elongated shape makes the Chicco Natural Feeling Adjustable Flow teat suitable for the baby’s mouth, ensuring constant, effortless sucking of milk.

To avoid the ingestion of air during breastfeeding, the product is equipped with an effective anti-colic valve, designed by Chicco to effectively prevent the occurrence of colic.

Chicco adjustable flow teat is part of the Natural Feeling line, a series of products designed to offer maximum serenity during all stages of breastfeeding.

Fast Flow (6m )
The result of Chicco’s experience, the Natural Feeling 6m Fast Flow Teat facilitates the transition from breast to bottle, thanks to a specially designed shape, wide and round at the base capable of offering a real “mother effect”.

The Natural Feeling Fast Flow Teat is suitable for infants from 6 months who need a greater and constant flow during breastfeeding.

The product is made of special soft silicone and is equipped with a double anti-colic valve which, avoiding the ingestion of air together with the milk, protects the baby from colic and regurgitation.

Food Flow (6m )
The Chicco Natural Feeling 6m Food Flow teat offers a natural sensation during feeding, favouring the natural and instinctive attachment like the mother’s breast. Thanks to the special anti-colic valve, the Natural Feeling 6m Food Flow teat helps prevent the ingestion of air during sucking, the main cause of colic. The base of Chicco’s 6m Natural Feeling Teat, less rounded, is suitable for the mouth of the growing child.




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