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Take the hassle out of bed-wetting by simply placing the bed pad on top of the bottom sheet and tucking in the side flaps – when wet, it only takes seconds to replace with another…this means no more completely stripping the bed!!

Your child sleeps on the 100% cotton, comfy top whilst the middle layer and waterproof backing keeps the bottom sheet & mattress dry.  Older children can easily change a Brolly Sheet for themselves, which gives them independence and dignity when dealing with bed-wetting – and more sleep for Mum and Dad!

Perfect for people of all ages, the Brolly Sheet bed pad is also handy for pregnant Mums who are worried their waters will break in bed.

Product details
Each Brolly Sheet has a colour fast, 100% cotton, comfortable top, a super absorbent middle layer and a water proof backing to protect your mattress with cotton flaps either side to help hold the pad in place.

The waterproof backing is not PVC, but a new type of fabric which is almost like tee shirt material with a water proof layer, it’s very soft and makes no noise.

If you are nervous about how your child will sleep in an unfamiliar environment – holiday, sleepovers, grandparents house, then get peace of mind by packing a couple of Brolly Sheets with their pajamas.

If your child has a tummy bug, put an extra Brolly Sheet over their pillow area or place under them on the couch.

Brolly Sheets are made using cotton so there may be some movement in the fabric.  Your Brolly Sheet will stand up to repeated washes in cold or warm water, you can just throw them in with a normal load.

Safety note

  • Must tuck in flaps
  • Do not use with an electric blanket


“The Brolly Sheet for Michael is brilliant! I haven’t washed his sheets yet for 4 days in a row!!!! Just wash the new blue sheet and occasionally the top sheet. It is so nice not having to strip the bed every day. (I know it is a minor thing, but it’s just one less thing to do…) I wish I had found this years ago. Thanks so much.” Karen – ACT


How do Brolly Sheets work?
Because Brolly Sheets lie on top of your normal “bottom” sheet, after an accident you just need to whip off the Brolly Sheet and replace with another. Means you do not need to strip the entire bed and start again. Gain extra beauty sleep!

Do I need to wash my Brolly Sheet before using it?
Yes, we recommend you wash your Brolly Sheet before you use it. Your Brolly Sheets will stand up to repeated washes in cold or warm water, you can just throw them in with a normal load.You can tumble dry them on low heat. Do not iron and do not use fabric softeners.

How many Brolly Sheets do I need?
It depends how often you do washing. We recommend 3 is a good start as you always have a clean one to replace in the middle of the night. It’s great to have extras if you are going away for several nights or have more than one child training. Why not leave one at Grandma’s house?

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