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At The Sleep Store we don’t sell the padded cot bumpers you see in most baby stores,  as we consider them really unsafe.

BUT we highly recommend these amazing Breathable Baby Mesh Cot Liners for keeping arms, legs and dummies in the cot as well as providing safe protection against bumps!

Safer than traditional padded bumpers, our patented Breathable Mesh Cot Liner is made with breathable fabric that promotes airflow reducing the risk of suffocation and re-breathing carbon dioxide, a risk factor for SIDS. Safe and stylish, your Mesh Cot Liner also impedes climbing, protects from bumps and bruises and reduces the risk of getting arms and legs stuck between cot slats.


  • Safety evaluated
  • Tucks below mattress for extra protection
  • No chemicals, flame retardants or formaldehyde
  • The fabrics have been evaluated by a global leader in safety research and technology helping businesses create safety solutions that deliver a business advantage. Breathable Baby is committed to a safety evaluation process – see below for more info


Which product should I buy for my cot?

2-sided Breathable Mesh Cot Bumpers fit all cots with solid ends.

Can this be used on a cot with slats on the ends.

Not really! It would will only cover the sides of the cot. Please order the Mesh Cot Liner for 4-sided cots instead.

What material is used in Breathable Baby Products?

Our padded mesh liners and breathable toys are made of 100% polyester for easy washing and care. No chemicals, flame retardants or formaldehyde. Our fabrics are made exclusively for Breathable Baby featuring A.C.T. Air Channel Technology which allows air to flow within the fabric to help reduce the risks of suffocation and overheating. Our ultra soft, wick-dry fabric is 100% polyester. Keeps baby cool and comfortable, dry and just at the right temperature to help with overheating. Easy washing and care. No chemicals, flame retardants or formaldehyde.

For how long can I USE the Breathable Mesh Cot Liner in my cot?

The Breathable Mesh Cot Liner is made with a thin lightly-padded mesh, unlike traditional stuffed bumpers which can be used as leverage for climbing out of the cot. Overseas regulations state that bumpers should be removed once baby can sit up, so this is what is written on the packaging for Breathable Baby products. However please note that these regulations are based on the unsafe traditional bumpers rather than safe and breathable mesh. Since this product is not a traditional bumper, parents and caregivers should use their own good judgement and remove this product when no longer useful or if your child starts trying to pull it off or playing with it.

Our Breathable Science

All of our fabrics are made exclusively for Breathable Baby. A.C.T. Airflow Channel Technology is the science behind out brand, allowing airflow access inside of fabrics. Our products are designed to increase safety over conventional bedding products. Our research and development process accesses engineers from leading safety testing laboratories, environmental scientists from universities and leader of non-profit safety organisations.


A study was performed to provide data to help assess the suffocation hazard posed by the Breathable Mesh Cot Liner.  Evaluation by a world-leader in safety consultation and evaluation at the highest level available for suffocation and hazard design analysis.

Breathable Baby products were tested in categories of: Foreseeable Use, Physical/Mechanical choking/aspiration, Strangulation, Suffocation, Entrapment, and Biological.

  • The breathable mesh fabric allows maximum airflow, ventilation, safety & comfort
  • The breathable mesh fabric allows thermal components to work by air circulating around babies skin and move excess heat and moisture
  • The Cushiony-padded mesh gives extra protection without losing breathability
  • Mesh air-pockets in fabric reduce the risk of suffocation
  • The breathable mesh fabric underwent a wet and dry suffocation analysis
  • The breathable mesh is more breathable than other like products in the market, making them safer for babies

Award winning!

Child Safety House Calls announces the Breatheable Baby Breathable Liner Award of Excellence

After a thorough evaluation by paediatricians who specialise in the field of child safety, Breatheable Baby’s Breathable Liner was selected for its innovation in helping parents keep their children safe. “This product can prevent so many of the tragedies I see everyday in the emergency room,” says paediatric emergency medicine physician Dr. Joel Clingenpeel. Nationally (USA) a child is treated in the emergency department for an unintentional injury approximately every ninety seconds. “I want every parent to take action rather than leave their children’s safety to chance.”

Child Safety House Calls is a paediatrician-managed organisation whose mission includes injury prevention advocacy and childproofing promotion. The organisation established the Award of Excellence to keep parents informed of the best child safety products and services. Criteria for their experts’ selections include: effectiveness, innovation, ease of use, durability, breadth of target audience, and professional experience with the product.



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