Babyhug Feeding Pillow Rabbit Print – Blue


Key Features:

  • Made of comfortable and baby soft material
  • Removable cover is washable
  • Facilitates easy rotation for different feeding position.
  • Adjust fit with easy-to-use Velcro.
  • Covers the waist completely for secured support and comfort for baby.

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  • Provides support to your back and arm while you feede your baby.
  • Prevents back pain and rounded posture of spine while you breast feed your baby.
  • Offers appropriate and comfortable posture to your baby, and thereby, reduces swallowing and gastric reflux issues.

How to Use:

  • Position it around your waist with the backrest behind you.
  • Adjust it to an ideal feeding height and fasten the velcro to secure to your body.

Care Instruction:

  • Machine and hand wash with cold water.
  • Wrap the feeding pillow around your waist for comfortable feeding




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