Oricom Aroma Diffuser Night Light


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This 2 n 1 Oricom Aroma Diffuser Night Light is a beautiful Night Light and when required an Aroma Diffuser with ultrasonic technology with easy-to-use controls to create a soothing environment in the nursery for both parent and child. Select your choice of softly coloured night light with timer options, then simply add your favourite essential oil* and a peaceful and aromatic oasis awaits.

*essential oil not included


Key Features

  • Ultrasonic cool mist (no heat source)
  • Multi colour night light
  • 400 ml water capacity
  • Adjustable mist (3 levels)
  • Timer function (1/2/3 hours)
  • Auto switch off on low water level
  • Mist and lamp controlled independently
  • Choose up to seven soft night light colours or cycle through them
  • Can operate with no light
  • 12 month warranty


12 month warranty

Package Includes :

1 x Aroma Diffuser Night Light




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